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Richard Lindesay

'Lindesay is a one liner machine’ Tim George 'Theatrescene' 2016

'A barrage of great gags, displaying a high level of wit and wordplay' Oliver Smith ‘Speakeasy’ 2016

'Richard is a comedy wunderkind!' Tim Ferguson, Doug Anthony All Stars, Australian Comedian and Scriptwriter

“Witty One-Liners and Bucket List” Somerset Gazette 2015

An Antipodean Milton Jones / Demetri Martin hybrid, with a friendly and playful delivery of a sharp mix of quirky one-liners and visual gags.

Richard is a visiting act in the UK, gigging nationwide.

Richard performed his show "Fools Suffering Gladly" at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2016, and "Nerds, Words, and a Clipboard" at the Sydney Fringe Festival 2013.

Richard's UK comedy club performances include Covent Garden Comedy, Backyard Comedy, Comedy Cafe, Angel Comedy, and Mirth Control.  He also performs in top Australian clubs including Comedy Store and Happy Endings Comedy Club, and The Classic comedy club in New Zealand.

With his popular quirky gags and offbeat persona, Richard’s act is sure to add a touch of uniqueness to your comedy line-up.