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Nathan Webb

Like a lot of comedians Nathan Webb is Welsh. 

He has been going since Feb 2016 and is currently seeking middle 10’s with hopeful progression to 20s UK Wide. 

He is a good driver and will happily bring other comedians with him from South Wales.

He's usually had a rubbish week and his observations are based on Welsh characters and the many accents of Wales, sleep meditation plus stories about his typical Welsh family and their random outbursts - this is one (angry) act not to be missed. 

2016 / 2017 Testimonials 

"Skilled in writing and lots of confidence. He's really good and gonna get even gooder." Matt Rees

"An engaging young man and promising newcomer with a flair for voices." Noel James

 "Nathan is a charming and funny act, bound to bring laughs to any room." Yay Comedy

"Nathan weaves warm tales of his life, interspersed with funny anecdotes and sharp one liners." Dolly Chicken Comedy

"Hilarious and warm, really brought the crowd together." Fedor Tot, Le Pub's You Might Laugh.

"Nathan is a strong, confident opener, he can hold his nerve with a difficult crowd and turn them into a grateful comedy audience." Josh Elton, Curious Orange.

"A funny chap, always looking for an opportunity to play around on stage." Darryl J Carrington, Bristol Underground.

“Brilliant observations and well crafted puns. Destined for good things.” - Calum Stewart, Pop Factory.

“A smooth and likeable performer with a lot of killer lines.” John Collins, Cwtch Comedy.

“Well rounded…a range of accents, sharp observations and clever one liners.”  Swansea Evening Post.

"Nathan is confident and slick with some great lines. He's instantly likeable but always has a cheeky glint in the eye. Great fun." Col Howarth, Stand Up For Comedy.

"A strong and confident performer with some good gags." Sarah Bridgeman, The Parrot.

"I still haven't seen him perform." Rhod Gilbert