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Kevin Bland

Kevin Bland is a writer and stand up comedian who is, quite frankly, old enough to know better.

Living proof that a mid life crisis can swiftly escalate into a full blown disaster if left unattended; he stumbled onto a stage in June 2005 to tell some jokes. He never looked back. Which was a good thing. No audience back there.

Following this first performance, in which his ability to face the correct way was enthusiastically received, Kevin was smitten by the business of show and proved his love for his new mistress by rattling up a succession of gigs at the alarmingly pedestrian rate of 1.42 a month, or nearly a third of a gig a week.

However, with the New Year came a new determination to 'up his game' and the gigs have been coming thick and fast. He is also, quite possibly, the only onomatopoeic comedian on the circuit, blessed as he is with a name that suits him just fine.

He has been variously described as being slightly dull, a little grumpy and quite laid back. At various times, some or all of these descriptions are correct.

Kevin is performing paid 20's for a number of promoters, and his laid back, laconic style ensures he is a regular compere at Mirth Control venues as well as his own gig, Laughter Lines, in Shrewsbury

Winner - Three Minute Warning "Hardcore Legends", Limelight, Crewe 2005

Semi Finalist - Laughing Horse New Act of The Year, 2006

Semi Finalist So You Think You're Funny? 2006

"A good humoured, relaxed comic..Twenty minutes in his company is effortlessly enjoyable." - Chortle

"....the ever entertaining Mr Bland" - '3 Weeks', Edinburgh Festival Review

"..a solid comic performer with very strong material, who doesn't rely on gimmicks and shouting to get his witty observations out, just good old fashioned, God given comic timing. A strong addition to any bill" - XS Malarkey