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Jon Matthews

“Even the depressed middle-aged men who wear polo shirts were amused.” - CBN Weekly.

Jon Matthews is an insightful stand up comedian whose work has been described as a 'a hilarious post-modern commentary on politics and popular culture'. Full of irony, surrealism, political comment and a dry crowd pleasing delivery, his performances have created much mirth wherever he has travelled.

His ability to weave long and short jokes together and take the crowd on a journey have made him one of the most popular and recognisable English-language comedians in Beijing, hosting and headlining shows, supporting international acts and being heavily involved in the organisation and promotion of comedy events. Jon will be returning to the UK at the beginning of 2017.

Notable Past Performances:

ComedyClubChina @ Xian Bar. November 1st 2016
Jon featured in this brand new comedy night at a luxury Beijing hotel.

'Dead Funny'. Saturday 29th October:
Jon performed at this unique Hallowe'en themed show.

Jolly Good Show. October 15th 2016
Jon performed at this special night of British comedy, a long anticipated sell out show in Beijing.

Wei Laugh. September 27th 2016.
Jon performed a 'feature set' at this regular comedy night.

Comedy Dim Sum. August 20th 2016.
Jon hosted this fun night featuring a wide variety of Beijing comedians, old and new, served in small portions.

Standing Up Comedy. July 16th 2016.
Jon openned for two of Shanghai's most popular comedians as they visited Beijing as part of their tour of top tier Chinese cities with a sizable ex-pat population and some kind of comedy scene.

Performing Arts Festival. June 3rd 2016.
Jon helped to organise this arts festival and performed at the comedy night alongside some of Beijing's other popular performers.

An Art Show. May 15th 2016.
Jon performed a short 'stand up poetry' set at this art show event, which featured many members of Beijing's creative community.

Stand up Comedy. May 7th 2016.
Jon hosted and organised this comedy showcase as part of Comedy Club China at one of Beijing's most fun and intimate venues.

Support for Joe Wong. February 27th 2016.
Jon was chosen to open for China's most successful comedy son at his sell out English language show at 'Cheers' in Beijing in front of over 150 people. It was a very successful evening and an honour Jon to perform alongside a man who has performed on some of America's favourite television shows and at the White House.


A very funny man!- Joe Wong (Chinese/US comedian who performed on Letterman).

Will tickle your funny bones then apologise for doing so. Comedy Club China (promoters of stand up comedy events in Beijing).

The funniest comedian we’ve had here.’ Taking The Mic (regular spoken word event in Exeter).

“Even the depressed middle-aged men who wear polo shirts were amused.” CBN Weekly (Chinese newspaper).