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Frankie Williams

Frankie was born in Swansea when she was just a small baby. Her inner desire to be in the spotlight, mixed with a passion for making people laugh, with a sprinkling of asking-silly-questions meant it was inevitable that she would become a struggling comedian.

Frankie started performing professionally at the age of 17 and has had many roles on TV and film. You may recognise her as the girl in the classroom with Vicky Pollard in an early episode of Little Britain. She had six words of dialogue and it is cited as her 'easiest gig to date'.

During her highly successful* stand up career, she has worked with comedians including Russell Kane, Paul Foot & Katherine Ryan and has taken shows to both Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals.
(*She has never been glassed during or after her set)

She tells stories of her hometown, work, family, and her shock at discovering she is 'a gay'. The combination of occasional sing along songs mixed with her deadpan delivery style, contrast wonderfully in this one-woman variety show!

Along with fellow comedian Rick Murtagh, she now runs a monthly stand up comedy night at the Willoughby Arms in Kingston. Follow them on Twitter for more information! @AAP_Comedy

“Frankie has a fascinating, dry, almost deadpan delivery the likes of which I have rarely seen in other acts, her ease on stage comes across to the audience allowing them to relax and save their energy for the big laughs. Surely destined for big things” - (SIMON EMANUEL, JACK IN THE BOX COMEDY CLUB)

"One of the most groundbreaking female comics on the scene at the moment… She finds comedy in things other people haven't really done before" - (IGNACIO LOPEZ - COMEDY SHEEP)


My first gig in a church, King's Church Newport (a clean, family friendly set) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HRYQPl_v5s