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Bonomi Federica

My name is Bonomi Federica, I was born and raised in Northern Italy, in an industrial little town.

I have been acting in theatre for over 13 years, but In 2012 I moved to London and started to perform as a Stand-Up Comedienne.

My comedy is surreal and sometimes crazy! I like taking ideas from real situations (my life, life in general, politics etc.) and then take the audience into a surreal point of view! 

My previous experience include:

2012 - The Canterville Ghost - Italy
2011 - Love Labours Lost - Italy
2010 - To the borders of the script (short play) - Italy
2009 - The voluntary exile of Mr. Quijote . Italy
2009 - Day Insomnia (short play) - Italy
2009 - Il cuore a Gas (short play) - Italy
2008 - Touch and Go - Italy
2008 - Elements of Ornithology for beginners (short play) - Italy
2007 - La banda degli onesti - Italy
2006 - The importance of being Earnest . Italy
2005 - Sior Todero Brontolon - Italy
1999 - 2004 High School Theatre Group - Comedy and Drama

2013 5 minutes Open Mic Gigs
February 4th - at Jester Jesters, The Plum Tree - London
February 5th - at The Camden Head - London
February 19th - at TNT Torriano - London
February 27th - at Il Puma Londinese - London
March 5th - at Party Piece - London
March 6th - at Rudy's Comedy Night - London
March 7th - at Jester Jesters, The Oak&Pastor - London
March 13th - at Il Puma Londinese - London
March 18th - at Electricmouse - London
March 21st - at East meets Jest Comedy - London
April 16th - at TNT Torriano - London

I am currently performing in London as a Stand-Up Comedienne, looking also for paid gigs, and I would also welcome the opportunity to audition for theatre plays.