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If you are interested in booking or hiring any of the comedians that are featured on this website please email me at mullaney3@blueyonder.co.uk and I will be happy to pass on your enquiry.


Alex Fletcher

'I've been doing comedy for about 5 years. I am now 23. I've done King Gong and open mic nights mostly. I aim to be as observational as I possibly can, but also enjoy improvising and creating material suitable for any audience. I have accidentally gotten drunk, Improvised material and nailed it, which is pleasently suprising. I will, however, always go with new material prepped and remembered!

I currently gig at The Robin Hood with comedian Tom Short at his open mic nights and intend on rising up the ranks and making a name for myself. Eventually making my way back to the Comedy Store and Frog and Bucket and then who knows.....maybe my own DVD or special on Netflix!

I'd like to say my comedic idols are Bill Burr and Louis CK, they are my biggest influences and I enjoy basing my comedic style on theres!


'Alex is hilarious, a delight too watch!'- My Girlfriend, Jess!

Hopefully, one day, I'll be as big a name as I am in my dreams. That's pretty big.